Sunday, January 27, 2008

A-Sailin' We Will Go!

I just went sailing for the first time today! Of course, my camera batteries were dead, so I can't prove it, but hopefully we'll go again soon.

My friends Ryan and Tori invited me. Ryan and his friend Colin took a sailing class through one of the yacht clubs here in Seattle, so now they have the ability to rent sailboats through this club. We took out maybe a 30 foot boat today (?) - it seated 5 on the aft deck somewhat comfortably. The sailors were Ryan, Colin, Tori, Greg, and me - so a chunk of the Microsoft / Amazon crew. The boat was older, but it had a cabin down below, and plenty of sitting room around the sides and up front. It was a gorgeous day, but MAN I have never been colder in my life!!!!!! I was in thermals + t-shirt + fleece + ski jacket + jeans + wool socks + hiking boots + wool/polarfleece hat with earflaps + scarf + winter gloves.... and I was STILL freezing. I had to ride about the last hour + down in the cabin where it was somewhat warmer. I just couldn't take it. But the sun was shining, and the water and wind were just right. We were probably out for 3 1/2 hours total. As I walked to the car, my feet were buzzing because somehow they had fallen asleep... they finally came to once I got home and sat in the warmth for a few minutes.

I was also glad to find out that I don't get seasick on a small boat. :) YAY! ( I didn't think I would - I've been on Mark's motorized boat several times, and been fine. Plus kayaks...)

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