Saturday, January 5, 2008

Resolutions All 'Round

I generally don't fall into the trap of making New Year's Resolutions. Most people don't keep them, and while they are a nice sentiment, they usually fall out of favor with the first big shopping spree/party/bakery opening/car repair bill of the new year (depending on whatever it was that you resolved to do). I prefer to resolve myself to do something without waiting for a specific time, e.g. "I'll do it tomorrow." Tomorrow will never arrive, and whatever it was will never get done.

That being said, I do have some habits that I am going to integrate into my life:

- Lose another 15 lb over the course of 2008

- Put $500 / month into a savings account, as a "car payment". That way, when 2009 hits, I'll be either ready to cash out on a nice Honda Accord, or I'll be a few thousand away from a luxury car (G35 coupe?)

- Eat, cook and then eat, or give away the vegetables in my CSA box before they go bad.

Now, for the Yarn Resolutions:

- Finish Daniel's socks (I had him try the tube on, and it fit his foot circumference really well, thank god)

- Finish the Ms. Marigold vest

- Finish the lace socklets

- Finish the Luv Gun

- Keep the WIP's to 3 or less at any one time

- Find a good YO stitch pattern to knit and use up my giant pile of chenille tape yarn that I unravelled from the crocheted blanket gone awry. That will clear up a LOT of stash room, actually.

- Make my Clessidras in the KnitPicks pumpkin yarn

- Make my mom the Dog's Paw shawl from a back issue of Spin-Off, once I get my hands on a drum carder (c'mon, Louet-Lady-from-Ravelry!)

- Make the Viking / Brunhilde hat set for my friends Kris & Randy

- find a good flip-top mitten pattern for my mom

- a pair of Fetchings for Mom, and a pair of Dashings for Dad

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