Monday, January 14, 2008

Wedding Tour 08

I managed to side-step three weddings last year. This year, I am not so fortunate...I mean... (hah).

Let me back up. I love that my friends are getting hitched. Fully support that. However, I don't generally enjoy travelling for a long weekend somewhere remote to spend that time by myself, since the wedding party is undoubtedly busy with other obligations than spending time with Little Ol' Me. However, I'd also like to add that I was very honored that my last three wedded-friends asked me to their weddings. They included: Leslie and Ron, and Erin and Daniel.

So, this year I congratulate three sets of friends:

John and Olivia

Priscila and Nick

and Daniel's brother, Joe. I haven't met Joe, but I'll be at his wedding with Daniel. An excellent chance to meet the rest of the Berglund Clan.

I am really looking forward to Priscila and Olivia's weddings. I haven't seen Priscila in years, and she has been a close friend since junior high, and I know John and Olivia's wedding will be a blast - basically a big party with all our friends from college! :) (And hopefully Daniel will be able to accompany me to one or both of those events!)

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