Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Books!

Look what I just got in the mail!

My latest installment from Amazon.
I haven't really delved into them, except for cursory flip-throughs. I read the technique in the sock book, which appears to be Magic Loop-ish, but I will probably need to practice it. She uses big yarns sometimes, though, which is .. okay, I guess... but ... I dunno. I'm used to sock yarns. We'll see. I'll have to buy some KnitPicks 40 or 60" needles in sock sizes now (darn ;-) ).
I started reading the Naughty Needles book. It's cute, to say the least. I like most of the patterns I've encountered so far - I'm still in the "sweet" area of the book. The Baby Blue-Ball Gag sounds hysterical, and I told Daniel he could start pickin' patterns out ;-) ... I want to make the corset top and gloves in there, for sure...
And, after a cursory glance through Debbie Stoller's latest SnB book, I think something I definitely want to make are the "wrap-up" scarves. When you wear them, they look like double-crocheted scarves in solid colors with random stripes, but when you roll them up and look at the spiralled side, you get an image - they have one of a yellow smiley face and one of a sushi roll - it's actually a really clever idea! I wonder what others will come up with, once they've seen that technique! (oo, and I could use Cascade 220 or Lamb's Pride Worsted for that...)

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