Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fitness 11: Circuits

Well, so yesterday kicked off a week of CF with alternating deadlifts and pull-ups.

Fran started us off with a weighted run around the block. I managed to do it with the lightest medicine ball - approx 6 or 8 lb extra - without stopping.

Then we moved on to weight lifting. I increased my max deadlift weight to 60 kg (~132 lb), and Fran assessed that is probably not my true max weight, since I lifted that about 6x before we lightened the bar up to 55 kg, then finally we ended around 50 kg. The pullups also felt a bit better, although I alternated between using the thickest rubber band around my foot, to aid in pulling me towards the bar, and doing kip swings on the bar.

Amy agreed with me that her lower back was sore after all the deadlifts yesterday. I also have a new matching pair of bruises, in an odd place - on the upper side of both knees. I imagine I bonked myself with the deadlift bar on the way down a couple of times?


Today's workout was a circuit. The class was pretty large for a 4 PM class - maybe 8 or 9 people? The circuit today was: 4 rounds of 15x dumbbell snatches, 15x push press with dumbbells (I have been calling it a "jump press"), 15x V-Ups, and run 400m / row 500 m.

I alternated between running and rowing. I managed to finish in just over 19 min, and although I totally felt like it, was pleased to see that two people finished after me.

After we finished the circuit training, we got a partner and did 100 kettle bell swings betwen the two of us. Amy and I paired up, and we did 5 sets of 10 each, alternating sets, using 12 kg kettle bells.

I have to admit, I came home, took a shower, did some small tasks in my place, ate a plate of tomato slices, goat cheese rounds, and basil leaves drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.... and took a nap for an hour! :)

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