Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kayak for Sale!

Anyone need a kayak?

I am selling my Advanced Elements 'Advanced Frame' inflatable kayak.

I realized I am not using it nearly as much as I intended to, and so I should really make some room in the condo - in a space this small, every square inch helps!

The boat is practically new - I bought it last summer from REI, and I took it out today, but it's probably been out less than 10 times, total. After every session, I lay it out to dry and wipe it down with a towel to clean it before putting it away.

If you know someone in Seattle who is looking for a kayak and doesn't want to blow a huge amount of cash on it, I encourage them to look at this boat:

(I'm also including the inflation pump). I'm asking the mere price of $250 for the boat + pump. I am choosing to keep my paddle for now.

My only suggestion is that you be a fairly short person in this boat. The cockpit is fairly small - anyone much over 5'6" would probably have cramped legs after a short time in the boat.

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