Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lavender Lovely

Today I woke up at 0520. Daniel had duty today, so I took him to the gate and then went to the ferry to drive my car aboard. This time, I did not go to Starbucks and run back to my car, only to be the only car left in the staging area and barely make it onboard before the boat left! No, I stayed in the car, like a responsible person.

I got home, and had enough time to shower and eat a peach before Kris called to announce She Was Ready.

We had planned to go up north of Seattle to an outlet mall today. What I forgot was that I also suggested to Ryan that we go kayaking this afternoon. Sigh, I love double-booking myself!

So I got Kris around 8:45 AM, and we went up north to Burlington. On the way, we stopped off at this alpaca farm just south of Mt. Vernon (and the Tulip Festival). It is a place that I am always fascinated by, and for some reason is always closed when we drive past it. Well, today they were having an antiques auction, but luckily the owner was around, and a lady led me to her. She let me play in her fleece stash while Kris looked around the shop. For some reason, she was only showing me neck fleeces, but then I asked if she had any silver fleeces, and she went backto another building to go look, and came back with some beautiful stuff, but I came home with the one below:

It is a lavender / rose-grey (I am not sure of the exact terminology for this) blanket from an alpaca on her farm. 3.2 lb or so. It is extremely soft, and not very dirty at all. The staple length is nice, too - I am glad she showed me some blankets because I was getting discouraged from having only been shown the neck fleeces, and thought that all her fleeces had really short staple lengths!
Anyway, this is going on the carder very soon... very soon...
And, in other news - on the 27th I am going to OFFF!!! Either with Jen or Daniel, or both! :)

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