Sunday, September 28, 2008

Works In Progress...September Edition


Although, I think I am one of the last people on planet Earth to get my RSC deliveries, if only because I live in Seattle, and I think Blue Moon ships out the closest deliveries last... (which is completely fine! :) ) I just warned about the spoiler in case someone in Rangoon didn't get theirs yet... :) (not that I think any Burmese people read my blog...)

Anyway, my September WIPs haven't been going on very far.

I am still (!) waiting on my WEBS Malabrigo worsted yarn delivery. Apparently the fire the Malabrigo warehouse suffered was pretty bad - they are still building up stores... ah well. I wrote WEBS to ask if my delivery was delayed due to the fire, and they wrote back and said that was indeed the case. Patience, my dear.

Not like there's nothing going on!

BEHOLD: The September Rockin' Sock Club shipment. This may be my favorite colorway yet. Tina said she was inspired by the tidepools in the Pacific Northwest. This is juuuust gorgeous! I am really thinking of ordering another skein of it for some socks for my mom... (these look like her colors). Plums, rust, greens, blues... good lord, this is an amazing colorway. And the pattern that goes with it is nice, too! Simple, but nice! (And.. I really love that font they used on the colorway title / pattern title!!! I need some cool fonts..). And a bonus measuring tape this month, to boot (that's the red circle-thing in the picture).

Next up is my Koolhaas. The ribbing is done, I was trying to figure out the whole "through back loop" thing... Jen helped me in the car. She is very good at spatial orientation, and describing it to me without diagrams. :) Maybe that's why she does CFD at work (CFD stands for "computational fluid dynamics"... uhm, yeah, I can barely spell it. All I care about at work is the hot air that blows through the engine... ;-) ).

In case you are wondering, my cashmere sock is knocking along. I did another inch or so on the ferry this morning... and then let my wrists have a rest.

I started the project below this afternoon. I decided that scarves were an ideal way to display some of the art yarn I've spun recently. This is the first in possibly a series. I managed to hook it to the handles on my Murphy bed in order to take a picture of it.

The pattern is very simple (something many people love about art yarns.. you really have to keep the actual knitting / crocheting simple, in order to let the yarn show itself off!)

The pattern I used was thus:

- CO 9 stitches

Row 1: k across

Row 2: *k1, yo twice*, repeat to 8th stitch, knit last stitch.

Row 3 & 4: k across

Repeat Rows 2-4 ad nauseum.

I chose to use a "yo twice" because I like the extra length that the additional yo adds, in order to let the art yarn bubble out or do whatever it's going to do. The bottom of the scarf is knit with a skein of my "super thick and thin" yarn, so that's why there are so many bubbles and flubs hanging out. The rest of the scarf is being knit in my supercoil / crazy singles... I used almost the same batts when I spun these two different yarns, so I knew the colors would go together. The supercoil yarn is actually three little skeins that I knotted together as I wound them into one big ball... I think it will be weird and WONDERFUL. Just like me. (heh!)

This scarf is going to be for moi, because a) I put a lot of work into this, and only Daniel and other extremely select individuals (like Kim, Dawn, or actual family members) get handspun (without paying for it, anyway), and b) I can't think of anyone other than Kim who would actually appreciate the wackiness of this scarf.

Here is a closeup of the scarf's bottom half.

I am debating on names for it... "Sea Bubbles"? "Mermaid Foam"? "Watery Wunderland"? :)

I suspect the next ones will be garden or sky-related... that is what the yarns are saying to me right now, anyway... :)

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rewinn said...

"I love it him."


Daniel's a smart man!

When a bit of jewelry says "Your girl will love me!" the wise man gets it immediately. It never hurts to build up credit ;-)