Sunday, September 9, 2007

Daniel's Socks, Part 2

Here is the continuation of the Pictures of Daniel's Sock Yarn in progress. For those who need a refresher, it is a yarn composed of one ply of alpaca carded with an olivey heathered merino/ silk roving (my guess is that it is an Ashland Bay roving... it looks like one of their colorways), and one ply of just the merino/silk roving.

Here is a pic of my Majacraft Susie wheel holding a partially filled bobbin of just the roving:

And here is the final yarn, already on the niddy-noddy! I should have taken a photo on the bobbin before I wound it off:

And another shot, so you can see the colors better. It's pretty muted, but I figured Daniel would want some sort of "quiet", "manly" sock color. He tends towards very bright orange and red shirts, but his socks are pretty much either black Navy issue or white athletic socks.

So, I am very excited! Finally, a yarn full of love! ;-) It was a very different experience spinning this one than spinning the yarns that I sell at Milagro in Baltimore... it was more of an "I want to get this done!" feeling rather than "I have to get this done."... :-) (although I do love spinning for the appreciative folks in Baltimore!)

My next step is to split the yarn in half. Then I am going to spin up what is left of the roving (which is about 2.5 - 3 oz) and see where that leaves me. I may have to invoke some millspun yarn into this project (gasp! ;-) )

I am loving socks. I just bought the new Cat Bordhi sock book...something about Socks doing their thing with 8 different sock architectures.... oh, if you search on Amazon, you'll see it. She is my new Sock Queen. Although I also want to get...well, I want ALL the books, but I want to get the "Knitting Vintage Socks" book, and also the Twisted Sisters sweater book (though I realize that is not a sock book ;-) )...

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