Friday, September 14, 2007

Grey Day / New Sock

I don't know how easy it is to tell from the picture below, but the overcast skies have returned to Seattle. (This was taken sitting on my couch, looking out through the only sources of light in my condo):

It is always harder for me to wake up in the wintertime, when it is dark out. I tend to wake up with the sun. This is a great thing in the summer, when the sun is out before 5 AM. However, in the winter, sometimes the sun never shows it's face...thus you can imagine my dilemma. :-)

Thank god for battery operated alarm clocks (although mine failed this morning; apparently the battery was slightly cockeyed and it reset the clock, so the alarm didn't go off at 6 AM like usual).

In lighter news, I finally cast on Simple Sock #2. I have gotten this far:

I'm using the other half of the Trekking XXL yarn (color 100 - I checked a website with Zitron yarns and the color 100 seems to be their "classic" rainbow, although there are some interesting color shifts that aren't exactly classic). Also using two Clover size 3 bamboo circular needles (16" maybe?)

And...I splurged yesterday. I bought a bunch of Socks That Rock. In all fairness, most of them are earmarked for Xmas gifts.

I got:

STR Lightweight in "Fire on the Mountain" and "Knitty Rocks"

STR Mediumweight in "Puck's Mischief", "Rhodonite", "Thistle", and "Titania". for the justifications:

Rhodonite is definitely for my sister. Although she eschewed my observation that pink has perennially been her favorite color (I got an email back with "Pink and Purple?! Those were my favorite colors when I was 8..."), I think she will like it nonetheless.

Either Thistle or Titania is going to be for my mom. They just seem like her. I saw one called "Mesa", and almost chose that (there is a central piece of her shaman "toolkit" that is called a Mesa) didn't seem like "her" colors (ok, and the canteloupe mixed with turquoise wasn't my favorite, either. I do feel like I want to enjoy the color progression as I knit).

And...there might be socks in there for other people. My sister in law might appreciate some, and I think my friend Kim would, as well.

That is the key - making stuff for people that will appreciate the months it took you to do it.

My friend at work, Jen, likes to use the "knit two socks at once" method, because then you end up with both socks the Same Size, and if you go toe-up, you can use up your yarn in the most efficient manner.

Yes, I know I spent $130 on yarn. But I think of it as each project only cost about $25, and that is a cheap thrill in the world of knitting, unless you are into hats or scarves, or other one-skein projects. :-)


My friend Liz and I are thinking of taking a day trip to the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival next Saturday... I finally figured out a sensible plan. I'll drive from my place in Seattle to her place in Auburn (which is already an hour south of Seattle), and then we'll go from there to Canby, OR - home of the OFF! :) ...and I am bringing my checkbook. ;-)

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