Sunday, September 9, 2007


I felt the need to post some pictures of flowers I have acquired recently.

This first pic is of my new passionflower vine. I love passionflowers. I think I read somewhere that the flowers are supposed to symbolize Christ and the Holy Trinity and maybe the spiky petioles are symbols of the crown of thorns, but I just enjoy the exotic appearance of the flower, coupled with it's fleeting fragrance, the edible fruit that come later, and the fact that it is a great vine! I got this vine at Molbak's nursery in Woodinville, WA:

This next picture is of a bouquet I got at Pike Place Market. The dahlia in the middle was about 10" across at it's prime, so you know this bouquet was huge. I swear it weighed 10 lb. And it only cost me $10! An affordable occasional luxury... it is still partially here, two weeks later, too :)

This next picture is of this curious flowering plant I got at Molbak's. I think I threw away or lost the identifying stake-marker. If anyone knows what this plant is called, please tell me. I think the colors are festive and gorgeous, and I want to grow it again next year!

This was another purchase at my Molbak's orgy. It is a Miltonia, or "pansy" orchid. I got it because it had two flower sprays. I just noticed this morning that the second spray is starting to bloom, which is very exciting. A tip for those hunting for their first few orchids: try to buy one where the entire flower spray has not bloomed yet; you'll get a longer lasting flower show. And if you can find one with multiple flower sprays, you're definitely getting more for your money! :)

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