Sunday, September 9, 2007

Yarn for Sale in Charm City!

Here is a sampling of the yarns I sent recently to Milagro, a fabulous little store in Baltimore's Hampden neighborhood, where I sell a few skeins of yarn here and there. I sent about 9 skeins of yarn, which means I should eventually get $100 or so back. Nobody ever said I was going to get rich off of this. ;-)

From left to right: a Bluefaced Leicester rainbow skein blended with real copper fiber (I wonder how it will wash? Will a verdigris form?), a black alpaca yarn blended with green Firestar, a multicolored BFL roving in greens plyed with a green rubber jelly cord, a "mystery batt" of fiber my friend picked up for me in CA, and an orange/yellow Bluefaced Leicester roving plyed randomly on itself.

I hope people like 'em! Kimry, the store owner, seems to enjoy them. :-) And that's all that matters.
...Sometimes I miss Bawlmer...but not the lack of being able to go outside and "do" something, like hike or bike or kayak. Definitely more of that here in Seattle. :)

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