Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Labor Day weekend cold...and fun!

I have been fighting the effects of a cold I caught from my friend Kris for the last week or so. I've been hacking, and my voice sounds like a cross between Bea Arthur and Chewbacca. But otherwise I feel fine. I did choose to work from home today, though - both to protect my voice, and not spread the germs to my coworkers. No need for me to be in an office full of old sick guys!

But I managed to make the most of the extended weekend. I chose to take two 3-day weekends instead of a four-day weekend with my 9/80 day off, so I telecommuted Friday. It was just as well. The boy was working a duty shift, so I had the afternoon to myself. I can't recall if I went to look at the Ballard Locks (their official name is the Hiram M. Chittendam Locks) on Thursday or Friday, but I went and looked at the salmon running upstream through the salmon ladder. It is really amazing - I forgot how big most salmon are! I think if the waters were calmer right there, you could latch onto one and have it take you for a ride... :-)

So I believe I spent Friday night with myself. Saturday morning I picked up the boy from the ferry, and we had a little time to ourselves before he organized and met up with his friends who were visiting from Texas. I really enjoyed meeting them; they are thinking of moving here with their currently 2 year old son in a couple of years. I hope they do! :-) We left them around 9 PM, after dinner, and came back to my place. Sunday we ended up sleeping in far later than normal (for me, anyway) - I slept till 10:45! This is pretty unusual for me, since I usually "sleep in" till a whopping 7:00 or 7:30 AM on the weekends, but I figured I was sick and the boy loves to sleep in till I won't let him anymore. ;-) We hung out in the afternoon, rented "Idiocracy", starring Luke Wilson - a dumb but hilarious movie - and then had an early dinner with my friends Adam and Liz. They were nice enough to drop us off at the ferry terminal afterwards, too, so we hightailed it to the boy's house and slept there for the night.

I took the 6:20 AM ferry back to Seattle, and met my friend Kris for an early breakfast and shopping expedition. I think we were out a total of 10 hours hoofing it through downtown Seattle. Oh my. I did good, though - I only bought food, some chocolate nibs, a couple of bath bombs from Lush, and a 10 lb bouquet of flowers from Pike Place Market (you really can't beat 'em for fresh color and fragrance (if you're lucky). Kris made off with an all-white bouquet that had a tuberose spray in it, and I bought a white and purple bouquet that had a centerpiece of a 10" dahlia in it!)

So that was the extent of my weekend: boyfriend, friends, fun, shopping, and LOTS of eating. :) Oh yes, and I managed to squeeze into a size 8 at Banana Republic! :) (Not that it actually looked good, but it did close, which is a step in the right direction. :) )

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