Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Things

I thought I would share some photos today!

First... a breath of springtime, fresh from Trader Joe's. :) Gerbera daisies and daffodils, on the cheap - nothing says "happy" to me like these flowers:

Daniel and I got to meet up with some music friends at Masala Indian restaurant on Friday night. L-R: Lonnie, Sura, Paul, Darlene, Ron, Daniel, me, Deb:

I think this is a fabulous picture of Daniel :)

The books I picked up for myself in Portland, at Powell's: two vegetarian cookbooks (Kripalu is a yoga / natural healing resort up in the mountains on the east coast - my mom went there for a shaman class, and she said that their food was amazing. So I bought the cookbook!):

And, finally - my new stashbusting project. This is the second incarnation of the chenille tape yarn, but knit this time. I'm using size 15 aluminum needles, and making a blanket in strips. I'm just doing a very simple pattern of knitting one row, and the next row is yo, k2tog. This chunk of knitting didn't take very long at all, and is about a foot long x 24" wide (maybe?). Impressive, simple, quick. Just what I need. :)

Finally... I am trying to establish a new "equilibrium" for me. I am back into the exercising, and I am going to try taking a kickboxing class Tuesday night. I wish kickboxing was available Thursday evening, since that is my less-favorite spinning instructor (even though he is a really sweet guy), and then I could stay with the great Tuesday night spinning instructor and take kickboxing, but, of course, you can't have everything. I am excited to try this, though. I am also trying to stop eating grains. It is HARD, but I figure I have the willpower to not buy yarn, lose 25 lb, exercise multiple times a week, and invest/ save $600/mo (which isn't that much, honestly), so why can't I do this?! :) I only have 15 more lb to go before I reach my goal weight. My sister in law stopped eating grains, and she is having to eat more (healthy) fats (e.g. nuts and avocados...MMm...) to keep her weight on! :)

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