Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tulip Festival tomorrow (20 April 2008)

[no pictures yet]

The weather this weekend has been exceptionally weird. Most of this past week has just been overcast and somewhat cool.

Friday it was raining most of the day, and in the evening, it hailed in Bremerton while Daniel and I were at Fred Meyer. Apparently it snowed here in Seattle Friday night, because when I was driving around this morning, I kept noticing small build-ups of snow on the backs of people's cars.

My pilates teacher told me she saw a picture of a tulip with snow on it..presumably taken around Seattle.

I am hoping the Tulip Festival isn't quashed tomorrow. I am really hoping that Daniel can get on the 9 AM ferry, so we can get up to Mt. Vernon relatively early, but I will have to speak to Kris if we can't. I also am debating whether to go to pilates tomorrow or not. I am indifferent either way, but it would be nice to spend most of the day with Daniel...

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Jeannine Bakriges said...

Hi Mel, and your Daniel just look too bloody cute together. There is definitely electricity coming off both of you for each other.
Hugs to you both,