Sunday, April 27, 2008

UFO Update

I decided it was time for a knitting update.

Current UFO's:

- Luv Gun. I finished all the pieces except the hearts. Now I need to "lightly felt" (aka "full") them in the washer or something before sewing the gun parts together. I guess I dont really have to felt them... maybe I'll try stitching the gun together and see if it looks crappy. The edges of the gun pieces look kind of sloppy to me, so I am wondering maybe if sewing it together will help neaten that up? All I have left after this is to knit the three red hearts, sew them together, and stuff everything with roving, and C'est Fini! :)

- Chenille blanket. Still slogging along. I think I am on skein three or four? I am going to stop this panel after this skein and start a new panel. This is definitely not a portable project!

- 2 at a time Magic Loop socks. The ribbing is probably almost 2" long? Slow Going. :)

- Ms Marigold vest. Ugh - miles of stockinette lay ahead of me. What more can I say? :) I know it will be worth it in the end, but it's ... slow. And I was sad that I finished all the Gun knitting I could at Daniel's on Friday and didn't bring anything else! (I wish I had brought the red yarn!)

- 2nd Bartholomew's Tantalizing Sock. This is waiting. For what, I don't know. :)

But does that stop me from wanting to cast on new stuff? Heck no!

Stuff I want to CO for:

For Leslie's future baby, I want to make---

- Baby Surprise Jacket with Socks That Rock midweight... I think. Or lightweight. However... I need to buy the pattern. I am going to check and see if I can just buy the BSJ pattern from Schoolhouse Press, or if I need to buy an entire EZ book (which would just suck....hahaha :) I love EZ, who am I kidding?!)

- Tulip Toes booties.

For John & Olivia's wedding, I wanted to make a blanket. But I don't know if that is going to happen in time for their wedding. I have till the first anniversary, right? :) haha...

I want to finish Kris' matching Brunhilde hat to go with Randy's Viking hat.

I've got some more yarn for socks for Daniel (Hazel Knits sock yarn in Weekend Warrior).

A Clapotis for my mom, probably, in STR something-or-other.

Maybe some scarves for my brother, sister, and BIL and SIL.

For me? I want to make my two STR club patterns, as well as those cashmere house socks from my Zen Yarn Garden club. I want to make the Knit Centerpiece blanket from Lion (for me and John & Olivia). I think Babette would be a cool blanket, too - it's made in Koigu (according to the pattern), but I would probably pick a bunch of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes or Cascade 220 in a neat color palette.

Then, of course, I have this hand-dyed mohair that I had used to make my mom a Cat Bordhi moebius scarf a couple of years ago...she gave me back the scarf and asked me to re-use it and maybe make her a hat or something she could line so it wouldn't itch against her skin. :) I think the colors are perfect for her, though - "salmom" ( in "salmon + mom". My sister and I made that word up, because my mom tends to have a penchant for articles of salmon-colored clothing) and a canteloupe-ey orange. My online friend Jenny (aka Jeanine Bakridges, of Spin-Off fame) said that if it was kid mohair, it shouldn't itch. I's not kid mohair ;-)

Oh, and the Dog's Paw Shawl (which Jenny helped design!)....that shall have to wait for my Economic Stimulus Package rebate check...

OK. I'm going to stop writing about knitting and GO KNIT :) What a concept!

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rewinn said...

Thank you so much for the Viking Hat. It is awesome!

I'll have to get a photo, but ... so far, it's been sighted at the Bar Association, Half Price Books (Capitol Hill), many sightings on Mercer Island ... the Viking Hat is UNSTOPPABLE!!!