Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stuff I Want

I've decided to compile a list of fiber- and non-fiber- related toys that I want. Maybe the Fiber Fairy will come with my Gub-mint Surplus check earlier than I thought! ;)

- A Woolee Winder ($185 for the winder + 1 bobbin, each add'l bobbin $31, shipping $16. Total for Winder + 2 add'l bobbins + shipping = $263.00)

- I have a Majacraft Susie wheel

- A drum carder. Because of space requirements, I don't want a huge one. However, I do want something useful. I think either of the two below would fill the bill.

- Louet Roving carder ($385...$330 on sale at www.bountifulspinweave.com )
- Strauch Petite carder ($341, unassembled, also at www.bountifulspinweave.com (free s/h))

- I want a pretty drop spindle. Like this. Or this. Or this.

- A cast-iron skillet. 10" is probably my limit because bigger ones get exponentially heavier (ok, maybe not exponentially, but it definitely doesn't feel linear!! *har har*). They are not expensive but I need to learn how to season the thing. I think Lodge, Emeril, and at least a few other folks make 'em. I wonder how you cook off that wax coating that they come with?

- Camping equipment. Although this is sort of a moot point as long as we're friends with Tori and Igor. They really have more camping equipment than we'd ever need. If we ever want to go camping without them, I expect they would lend us whatever we want, and all I'd have to do is give them new fuel or something. But if I were going to start stocking up, I'd first get:

- a good tent with a rain thingie for on top
- a JetBoil
- some good sleeping mats (we already have sleeping bags)
- maybe some of those Origami bowls and stuff

I can't really think of anything else. It's always nice to get new sheets with a high thread count, and eventually I want a new couch, but at this point I'll wait till Daniel and I live together and we can pick something out together - his beige couches hurt my back if I slouch in them too long and mine is just getting old. Clothing and jewelry rank highly, but the season is changing soon (I hope), and I'll probably head to Ross and see what's up before hitting the big boys and boutiques...heck, if I can save some cash, that's great! :-) I always think I want to look like I came out of REI, but I end up with some New York & Co. in there, too...

Of course, if someone wants to suck those last 15 pounds out of my gut, they are welcome to it! :) *hehe*

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My Craft Blog said...

How about instead of you losing 15 pounds, we'll all just gain 15! It's all relative!