Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bo Concept

While walking to the ferry a couple of months ago, I was thrilled to see that a Bo Concept store was opening up in Seattle (on Marion St. & Western Ave., for those who are wondering exactly where it is).

I had been introduced to Bo Concept by my coworker Loftus (aka "Booj"), back in Maryland. I had gone by the store in Georgetown (D.C.) a couple of times, but had been intimidated by the high style within.

No Longer!

I went in on Friday, as my bus had caused me to have roughly an hour of waiting time before the 4:20 PM ferry.

I wanted everything in the store, natch'....

However, I've been on the casual-hunt for a couple of things. A new floor lamp, and I had been thinking of the possibility of an area rug for my place, although I do think back to how the brush in my last vacuum was absolutely covered in wool fibers. (Now I have all hard floors, and let me tell you - cleaning up dust bunnies couldn't be easier!)

Anyway, here are the two items that caught my eye.

The Shower Floor Lamp has great clean lines, and I love that it has a relatively small footprint - always a plus in a tiny studio.

I also fell in love with the Flow Rug. The abstract swirling lines caught my eye, as did the beautiful colors (in real life, it is lovely shades of aqua and chocolate, just like my condo).

The salespeople were excellent, and told me that the accessories are currently 20% off. So, I am tipping you off!! Go in and talk to them. :)

More than anything, though, I go into these types of stores for ideas. I can now wander Target, Cost Plus, and IKEA with a better idea of what sorts of things I would like in my own place, and not have to drop $260 on a lamp or $700 on an area rug (even if it was luscious, thickly piled wool...). Plus, I don't want to collect extra stuff that is pricey but may not work when Daniel and I move in together (in good time, dears..)

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