Tuesday, July 22, 2008

EZ Lives On

The weather turned strangely cold today - I just hope my tomatoes and other various food crops are OK.

Today was one of my new "off" days. Since beginning Crossfit (a whooole week ago), I am anticipating that a more concerted effort to work intensely when I am working out will let me have more time off, to do stuff I want to do. We'll see if that theory holds.

Anyway, so I had time to run some errands - grab my bag of compost from Tori's place, and buy a skein of yarn for my friend Leslie's baby gift.

I am going to make my very first Baby Surprise Jacket. If you haven't heard of this by now, you are likely either a new knitter, or living somewhere that just got the Interwebs. The BSJ is a classic pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman, a GodMama of knitting. The beauty in the BSJ is that it's knit in garter stitch (knit every row), and when done, looks like a sea-slug. You fold it specifically, sew two seams and BAM - one baby jacket. Can you use fun self-striping hand-dyed yarns? Of course!! And, I will hopefully get away with making this in one skein of Fleece Artist Sea Wool (color: Angel Fish). ( I broke down and bought "Knitting Workshop" at an LYS on Sunday).

Hopefully I'll finish this before Ms. Kendall "Crotchfruit" Smith makes her worldwide debut!!


(I just received my new camera in the mail today (!!!!!!!), but I am charging the battery, so no pictures tonight.)


Okay, once my stomach stops being full from too much salmon, I have to retrieve my compost from the trunk of my car...not that it smells much, but I don't want to unnecessarily funk-up my ride.


And... I go to Los Angeles on Friday for John & Olivia's wedding! Yay! (Although Daniel has that Friday off as an ARI Day - *sigh*...)

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