Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fitness 5: Day Off

I took today off.

I meant to go cycling after work, but the weather turned south and it's been somewhere in the low 60's this afternoon, with spatters of rain here and there, and I can see the wind moving my plants around outside.

I'm such a wimp when it comes to cycling in less-than-perfect weather. I hate headwind, and general discomfort when I'm stuck on my bike (well, now that I'm out of college and don't have to bike in the rain and cold...)

Tomorrow is my final training session, and then Thursday I will attend the group class!

PS: I am very proud of Dawn and Joey for investigating CrossFit. It's likely the hardest workout you've ever had, besides boot camp, but Dave (my trainer) said you will think you see results immediately, and real changes will happen in your body within 6 months. I hope you're ready for the challenge! :)


Piggilicious said...

The guy hasn't written me back yet! I'll have to send out another email tomorrow to see what's up...

As we were leaving, we saw a HUGE guy going in, so there's no way I would be the worst... right? ::sniffles::

If and when I am to do this, it would be by myself and completely Joeyless. As much as I adore him, I have an childish competitive streak, but I always lose, and that puts a lot of unnecessary tension. Plus, he's doing Muay Thai now and enjoying it very much!

Mel said...

Heh! I've also seen large people going in, which is curious, given how strenuous the workout is...this one guy still had the "cubicle gut" and he said he'd been going for a year (of course, he also said he'd "been sick" the last few months...).