Monday, July 14, 2008


Well, despite the fact that I picked a digital camera (Olympus Stylus 840), I have yet to order it. I keep waffling between getting a package 'deal', or just getting the plain ol' camera. So...not a lot of picture-action goin' on.

Daniel came over Friday, and we got to spend till Sunday morning together. We went to Fry's on Saturday afternoon (how romantic) to look at laptops and cameras, and it resulted in him buying an Asus e-PC and his own Olympus camera. Sunday morning, I dropped him off at the ferry before pilates, then after class, I went to breakfast with my friends Kris & Jeanelle, and after that, I met Tori & Igor, et al, for some kayaking around Lake Washington's Mercer Slough. After that, we all had lunch, and then popped over to a Bellevue blueberry farm and picked buckets of blueberries. At $1 / lb, you can't argue with that! I got about 2 lb, and since I had no cash on me, Igor was kind enough to spot me. I think the winners were Greg & Rachel, with about 4 lb of berries. Tori reminded Igor that he only got to eat 1 out of every 3 berries he picked. :)

After the blueberry ruckus, Melinda invited me back to her place, and we played in her garden! I love playing in other people's gardens...especially when there's food involved! Her neighbor has a huge Bing cherry tree, which we picked from with their blessing, and we also picked some raspberries, rhubarb, and sugar snap peas from her garden. We made a blueberry, rhubarb, and raspberry pie from the fruit, and were about to make a salad, but her lettuce had bolted and gone bitter. :( She also plank-grilled some salmon, and we had broccoli and white wine, to boot. I took the liberty of cleaning up after her, and I also cut a lovely flower bouquet for her and her husband ("CG" to her "MG") to enjoy. I love using unconventional items in floral arrangements - for example, I used some overgrown grape vines (the ends with tender tendrils), and a calla lily leaf, as a backdrop for her huge hybrid tea rose blossoms, along with some plum colored clematis blossoms spilling over on top of lacecap hydrangeas and chrysanthemums. She has a great olive green pitcher that has the spout cracked off, and it makes a perfect flower vase! :)


In knitting news, I started a new pair of socks! I'm using Zen Yarn Gardens' "Daydreamer" pattern, along with her "First Kiss" colorway of 100% Mongolian cashmere sock yarn from her Sumptuous Sock Yarn club (from last year, ahem...). The gauge is 9 st/in, and it is a lot different than I expected it would be! It is just really fine yarn, and it has taken me a little getting used to, but I do love it, and with every pair of socks I finish, I feel more confident in the next one.

I'm also moving on with my Ms. Marigold vest pattern. It's joined in the round, and I'm probably 2" down the body by now? It's good mindless knitting, at least. :)

I also am hoping to finish up the Brunhilde hat soon. I finished the wings on a ferry trip the other weekend, and started on the i-cord braids. You can see my Ravelry page for more pictures.

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