Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Le Tour de Fleece

...Gets "Le Tour de Left Behind".

If I were cycling, I wouldn't have even made it past the starting line. I would have been dawdling around behind my heat, drinking a beer.

I see all these people (Yarn Harlot is a great example) participating, and spinning SO much every day! And.... yet... I have no time.

All is not lost, though! I did card up another couple of batts for my Dog's Paw Shawl. They are just sitting in the box, waiting patiently.

I also got to talk to my friend Kim last night - it was great to catch up with her, and even better to benefit from her massive destashing effort! *wink wink*. I'll show my haul when I return from my friends' Olivia & John's wedding.

In the meantime, I did take a passing glance at my forlorn cashmere sock-toe-in-progress on the floor by my bed last night, but was too tired to undertake it while talking to Kim.


In unrelated is my first session at CrossFit! We'll see if I can manage to type a review shortly after, or if my arms have fallen off.

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