Monday, November 24, 2008


I took a few spare moments today, and cleaned out some items.

A large Macy's-style sack of books to sell.

My model car paints.

A pilling acrylic knit scarf from Panama (of all places).

I also re-posted my printer on Craigslist again, for $60 instead of $100. I just want it out of here!

Turns out my Gotland fleece fits inside one of the boxes I removed from the top of my Murphy bed, which looks better than the shopping bags which previously housed it.

I spackled up the holes from the first attempt at installing a hidden-support shelf in my wall. I'll paint over it tomorrow, and also drill some more holes, lower down, and using a smaller bit so I can use the original wood screws that came with the kit.


I should mention that I am cleaning out slowly, with the eventual goal of being able to put this place up for sale with a minimum of effort (other than cleaning things like baseboards).


And now I am going to relax for my final hour of wakefulness, and knit some more on my one-row lace scarf. I am a good 8" into it. My coworker commented that my cashmere sock seemed to be taking "forever". :) haha.... I explained that I had to rip out over 3" of sock leg, and she said, "Yeah, but still..." She is not a knitter, and neither am I a fast knitter... I enjoy it, is all.


I hope everyone has a great night! I am vaguely sore from Crossfit today. I'll be doing a food post on my Thanksgiving feast. I am thinking of making a stuffed turkey breast. I found a sausage (grain-free!) stuffing recipe on Food Network. I'll also be making a ham steak. And some cupcakes. Possibly some roasted squash, since I have two small ones.... and I hope Daniel brings some wine to Seattle with him. I'll be excited to see him... I really can't wait till we live together..

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