Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fitness: From Sao Paulo

Fran got an email from Guy (yes, that's his name), who is currently on study / vacation in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He met up with another dude who does CF in Vancouver, BC, and they came up with a workout to do in the hotel gym:

5 Rounds Of:

10 x burpees
50 x box jumps
5 x pullup
10 second L-Sit
10 x "clean, squat, push-press" (or you could do a thruster)

Guy says they finished in about 15 min and were dead.

This is the workout that I finished first on. I think partly because I gave up on box jumps after the first round and resorted to stepping up on the box (still damn tiring), although I did everything else. Oh yes, and after the second round, I went from 15 lb dumbbells to 10 lb dumbbells.

My time? 24:30.

A note: This is the first time that I recall doing burpees. Dawn's trainer, John, seems more fond of them. Burpees are when you squat, jump out to a pushup position, do a pushup, jump your legs back in, and jump up (and clap, of course). And Fran had us yelling "YAY BURPEES!"

I also learned what tabatas were. I think Fran just calls them something else, but tabatas are apparently when you do whatever it is you're doing for 20 sec as hard as you can (aka sprint), then rest for 10 sec. Repeat.


A note about my body: I seem to have gained a few pounds. But, ironically, Daniel says I look a tad thinner. Conclusion? Pints of cream make you skinny! (HAAHAA...wiping brow from laughing-induced-sweat).

Seriously... I do believe I be gainin' some muscles (not mussels...then I would be some sort of stationary ocean rock!). And that is F-I-N-E with me. My clothes don't fit any differently, so it's not fat that is encroaching (thank god; I think I'd cry). It's been about four months since I started CF, and Dave said to give it about 6 months to see real changes, so I expect to be seeing changes around the start of 2009.

What a great way to ring in the new year! With a shiny new body!

Oh yes - this week, I can't go 4x since they are only offering a 9 AM class on Thanksgiving day... but next week will be awesome!


Connor's Mom said...

We did burpees when I was in the Corps at A&M. We were, however, yelling something rather different from "Yay Burpees!" at the end.


Anyway, I think it's great that you're sticking with this fitness program. Go Mel!

Piggilicious said...

Thank goodness we don't have to yell that last part! That's almost like.. an extra kick when I'm down.

Good for you! That workout sounds crazy hard.

Mel said...

Yes, I felt like yelling something that, uhm, sounded more like "Eff Burpees!", myself...