Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President Obama

Years from now, people may ask where I was when I learned that Barack Obama became President of the United States on 4 Nov 2008.

I was in my old apartment building's common room with my friends Kris, Randy, Jeanelle, and Ken when we saw CNN tallying up more and more blue states, from East to West coast.

I was driving home from the party after stopping at the grocery store when I heard that McCain had called Obama to concede the election.

I turned on my TV when I came in the door around 8:30 PM, and caught McCain's concession speech on PBS.

And now, I am blogging on my laptop, listening to the PBS feed and Obama's acceptance speech, talking about a 106 year old black woman who cast her ballot in Atlanta today.

Thank you to everyone who VOTED. Since you voted, now that elected officials don't do what you want, NOW you can bitch about it. ;-)

I am very excited that America decided that a young, intelligent, progressive mixed-race black Democrat was the right choice to lead us for the next term.