Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What to Do, What to Do...

I got home from Crossfit tonight, showered, and drank some tea as I prepared part of my lunch for tomorrow. (We had an office potluck today, and even though I didn't bring anything, they encouraged me to come eat... so I got a free lunch. I was stuffed even though I didn't finish my plate of food. I got a piece of fudge and skedaddled out of the conference room, so I wouldn't be tempted by the mounds of desserts).

Crossfit was pretty amazing; our workout was so hard I really think one guy threw up somewhere (hopefully nowhere I'm going to be stepping!). And.... I was the first one done. Which is unsettling, because I am never the first one done. Fran said to "just be happy about it". I feel like I miscounted, but I was pretty sure I did the whole 5 rounds. I will detail it in the following post.

Anyway... so I am home and it's barely 6:30 PM. I am sitting, looking at my pile of yarn (I also just received my November Rockin' Sock Club shipment... the last of 2008. I will definitely be signing up for the 2009 club!) I am thinking about my current projects, and also about what I want to accomplish here.

Long Term:

- Wisteria sweater. Definitely long-term, although it is still holding my interest because of all the cabling.

Shorter Term:

- 2 at a time Magic Loop socks in STR "Fire on the Mountain"
- Entangled Gloves in Noro Kureyon Sock
- 2nd cashmere sock leg. My coworker, Marni, recently mocked me because "that sock is taking an unusually long time to knit!".... she is right. I am resisting and I should just finish it.

Easy-Peasy Mindless Term:

- one row lace scarf in my yellow handspun

But here is what's on the current To-Do List:

- socks for Daniel. He actually wears my last pair (the handspun / millspun combo socks) a surprising amount...it is awesome. I love him even more for that. And I even have a couple of skeins of yarn specifically for him. I really should knit him another pair. (I have the feeling he'll be getting lots of socks from me while he is in Japan...). One thing I need to do is make sure I have his "master numbers" handy. I am thinking something out of the "Knitting Vintage Socks" book, or maybe the IK "Favorite Socks" book... something with handsome cables, or clocks (cables up the sides). I bet even the Cat Bordhi diamond socks that I made for myself would work for him - the pattern is pretty asexual, and they might feel good on his arch. And I can do a short-row heel this time, since I won't be inserting an afterthought heel! Woot!

- socks for Priscila. She asked for a pair, and I am tempted to use my Duets DK weight yarn - the main skein has variegated rosey tones, and then the solid heel/ toe skein is an olive green. I am thinking something with a nice lace pattern down the front? Maybe one of those with the central cable...

- hats out of Dale of Norway Hauk. I am intrigued by this yarn - it is coated in Teflon for waterproofness. I wonder how that stands up against the old-timey wool that is left full of lanolin. Probably leaves you less greasy. :)

- Dog's Paw shawl for my mom. I have three skeins of yarn ready; I could potentially start knitting it and see what happens. :) I love shawls because if it turns out too big, that's not a bad thing. :)

So, as you can see, I have plenty to keep me busy in the way of knitting!

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Connor's Mom said...

You know I'm a total tea freak because you mentioned tea in the first sentence and I spent the entire rest of the time reading to see if you mentioned what kind of tea it was.

I think I have a problem.