Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thank You, Library

Dear Library,

Thank you for being within walking distance, and preventing my purchase of many inane books over the last several months. I will continue to exploit your services in times to come.

I have a newfound love for the library. The Seattle Public Library is amazing and has a vast array of books I never would have expected.

Their knitting selection is especially broad! :)

I think my new project will be to transfer my entire Amazon "wish list" of books over to the SPL's "hold list", and that will probably weed out 90% of the books I thought I wanted. :)

I also think I am going to sell my Harry Potter hardcover collection. I am going to keep the last two, since I haven't read them yet, but collectively they consume almost half of one of my bookshelves.


On another unrelated-yet-related note: Daniel is mulling over selling a bunch of his material possessions before he leaves for Japan. I am sooo proud of him for doing this! Plus this means we can get better, fewer items upon his return! :)

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