Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote Today!

Please go and Cast Your Ballot today!

Make yourselves heard!

And, if you're in CA, please VOTE NO ON PROP 8 (if you vote YES you repeal the law that allows gay marriages).

And now, for some fun links:


Yes We Carve (Obama pumpkin carving)

Knitters for Obama (link to my.barackobama.com)

Knitters for Obama (Ravelry link)

Democratic Stuff (you can buy weird ..Democratic...stuff :) )


Yesterday, while listening to NPR on the drive to pilates, they were talking about voting. In many other countries (Latin America, for example - Argentina being one of the countries I remember) voting is mandatory, and you face a fine if you don't do it. Other places do not have a fine, but people feel compelled to vote, "just like Americans feel compelled to pay taxes" ( a direct quote from the show).

And some people CAN'T vote!

So please feel lucky, even if you have to go through the annoying step of registering to vote, and go make yourselves heard!

(A side note: A lot of countries with compulsory voting, or with higher voting rates in general, have simplifed voting schemes. In a lot of places, apparently you just show up with your National ID card and you are eligible to vote. Personally, in the US, I would amend that to "if you have a SSN and a valid form of picture ID - e.g. military ID, drivers license, state-issued ID card - you can vote."

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