Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Big 2-7

I had my birthday yesterday! :) (02 May).

What a great day! First off, I had the day off work as part of my flex-time schedule, but even if I hadn't, I would have called in sick.

I had spinning on Thursday night, so after I took Kris and Randy home (yeah, Randy came to the class! I think it's neat that he is getting back into working out more - Kris said he used to take a martial arts class), then I drove onto the ferry because I was lazy and didn't want to run home and make a run for the bus. I spent the night with Daniel, and Friday morning he went into work later (no duty, which is always nice), so I took the 9 AM ferry home. Before I left, he gave me my birthday present - the entire Sex & The City series on DVD! I'm stoked. It even comes in a gorgeous velveteen box. I'm going to subject him to it ;) - my friend Priscila pointed out that most men try to resist the SATC, but when they end up watching a couple of episodes, they get hooked because it really is a funny show.

After I got to Seattle, I drove out to the U-Village outdoor mall, and decided to try getting a manicure & pedicure. I've never gotten one (save for the acrylic nails I got for senior prom in HS), so I thought it would be nice. I went into this spa that I had heard advertised on NPR several times... "InSpa. Everyone's Everyday Spa"... and I found it lovely that it didn't smell like acrylic nail compound, nor did it have 80's posters on the wall showing FloJo-style talons. I paid ahead of time for an Express manicure, since that's all the front-girl said they had time for. 20 minutes later, there was no manicurist in sight, so I asked for a refund and walked out, more than a little miffed. The lesson? Make an appointment.

I went shopping around the mall half-heartedly, but I've been feeling fat lately, even though I recently tipped the scales at 149 (below 150! Yeah!), so I guess I wasn't very interested in clothing. Also, I wasn't particularly impressed with anyone's spring offerings, although I did like a couple of dresses at Banana Republic. I got a truffle at Fran's chocolates, and then an iced tea at Starbucks, and ended up making my way back to my car after a brief interlude at Barnes & Noble.

After the mall, I went up north to Whole Foods and, well, bought some food. I got herbs for the tea recipe I received from Delta of Venus in Davis, CA (chamomile, mint, & licorice root), and bought some really good lowfat yogurt, which you can see here: Relaxing and, well, I couldn't find the other flavor, but I think it's something like lavender and honey (?).

After WF, I finally went home, showered, swept the floor, did the dishes, and did laundry. My sister laughed at me when she called and commented on what exciting lives we lead. :-)

I had a couple of hours to hang out, then it was time to decide on where to go for dinner. I ended up picking Restaurant Zoe. The food was great, as it was the last time I went there. Daniel was not impressed with the banana sundae dessert, but he was expecting something else (more like a banana split, I assume). I had a green tea pot de creme for dessert... WOW it was rich and delicious. :) I also had a couple of drinks - the pre-dinner one was vodka, Pimms, cucumber and lime - quite nice and refreshing. The second one was a capirinha, but I didn't finish it. Good, though! Kris and Jeanelle teamed up to get me presents from Sur La Table - I was so excited! Kris got me sea salt caramels, a box grater, and a steel mixing bowl. :) Jeanelle got me a gift card - I think everything will be put to good use! :D

I think this was a fabulous birthday. I could feel the love through the phone line as my family and close friends called to wish me well. :) I can't believe how time flies when you're having fun! Cliche, yes... but true. :) pictures! I forgot my camera...

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Piggilicious said...

Hi Mel!

Here's a (unfortunately) belated happy birthday from me!

and Joey! I hope you had a good one! Happy Birthday!