Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beautiful Saturday, Part 2

Since I only get to post a max of 5 pics per post, I thought I'd finish up showing off my recent purchases here.

Here are my Biblelicious Earth shoes from my local neighborhood shoe store, Market Street Shoes. I needed something comfortable, that was also work appropriate. I should mention that I also put an order in for a pair of black Dansko sandals. They were immensely comfortable, but the 37's were too small, and the 39's too large. Does the store have 38's? Of course not. So I ordered them. I wanted a different color (I like the red and brown), but I didn't want to be committed to buying them in the event they weren't everything I hoped for; if the store doesn't already carry the color / style, you are committed to purchasing the shoe. (My feet are weird, and it takes a LOT of searching to find shoes that will work. I am pretty sure I annoyed the saleswoman helping me in the shoe store - I know she brought me over 15 pairs of sandals to try on - pretty much any sandal in the store that wasn't a high-heel, or looked like an old-lady shoe...too much ;) ).

I stopped in at the local fair trade store on my way home. I almost bought a salt-crystal candle holder. But I was good. I have enough candles right now ( I just bought this one in Maryland, and I am burning this one right now). I did, however, buy a set of cloth napkins. Yes, I realize I could have bought a yard of fabric at the store and cut it up into cloth napkins and sewn the edges down. But.. I don't own a sewing machine, and didn't like the idea of sitting there, hand-sewing stuff down. So, I supported Fair Trade and Local Business alike, and bought a set of cloth napkins. I think they were made in Thailand... I recycled the paper tag telling me where they were made. Eh, 4 for $15.50 wasn't bad at all. I am looking forward to using them, and reducing my dependence on single-use paper towels. (Although where raw chicken is concerned, I will still go for my unbleached paper towels to wipe up the mess, then spray my vinegar / hydrogen peroxide cleaner onto it to encourage antibacterialness, and wipe again.)


I got this a few days ago. My bento box, from Japan! Silly metric measurements, I didn't convert in my head, and... it's small. But cute! I think it actually will be enough for a lunch. I still will need to take my bigger box in order to store snacks, etc., but I like it! It's microwave safe! Hurrah!

I wanted to show off (to Priscila, when she checks in on me here), the inaugural dinner made with the 10.5" Lodge cast iron pan she got me for my birthday (THANK YOU!). Burgers, plain 'n simple. I bought the 85/15 (meat/fat) mix from Trader Joe's, and threw some garlic chunks into it as well as salt. The burgers developed a nice brown crust on them. I ate a burger with some avocado and cheddar, and Tony Chachere's cajun seasoning...

Finally, here is the book I just got in the mail today (yay!). Deb Menz's Color in Spinning. It is a larger book than I anticipated, which is always a pleasant surprise. I can't wait to dive into it!

My next post will contain WIPs, for those who like reading about such things.

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