Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday WIPs

I leave for Baltimore tomorrow (for a long weekend). I keep wondering what projects to take...something portable. Socks! I think I am going to take the Tulip Toes booties and my second Bart's sock. I made a copy of the Bart's sock pattern out of Cat Bordhi's book, so I could travel lighter and not destroy the book further. I think it's time to have that book laminated and bound or something.

Without further "adieux" (as Zap Brannigan says), I present my current WIPs (except for the chenille blanket).

1) Luv Gun. This gun needs some love. I have to stitch it together, stuff it, and knit up the three hearts (i.e. six heart halves) and sew / stuff them. It shouldn't take too long. I just gotta do it.

2) Ms. Marigold vest. I realized I finally have knit enough stockinette to join the damn thing and go off in the round for another 10" before I suspect the ribbing will hit, and then the FINAL DETAILS! Holy Mother Mary. I really hope it fits, otherwise it will be a gift for my sister (who is about 5 sizes smaller than me).

To recap, I am using KnitPick's alpaca/silk blend worsted weight. It feels nice, but it is very loosely plied, and I don't like that because it makes the yarn "splitty", but otherwise it's very soft yet tough. I haven't decided whether or not I am going to add the flouncy flutter-sleeves on the vest.

3) "Tulip Toes" booties (from Knitty.com). I finally decided to knit the second sole, and mark the place where the MC and CC met, since I am using a variegated yarn. I am hoping it will make knitting the rest of it simpler, and I can just finish them and be done with it. :)

4) I wanted to share my new book. I bought it on my birthday at Weaving Works. Meg Swansen is freakin' awesome. Sooo many beautiful pictures in this book - tooons of inspiration! I really want to knit some lace, but I am going to be GOOD and finish my WIPs (most notably, that huge-ass chenille tape blanket.)

I think the final decision has been made. My WIPs to take with me on my plane ride to Charm City will be "Bart's Sock 2", and the "Tulip Toes" booties. :)

I really want to spin right now....but it's time for bed. :)

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