Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jeff in Seattle

My friend Jeff is up in Seattle this weekend! Yay!

Jeff and I met in Davis, while we were both in college. I think we actually met at our interview for Unitrans, the student-driven bus system for both the University of California, Davis, and the city of Davis. Anyway, we were both bus drivers for a while, but he stuck with it, eventually went into a managerial role at Unitrans, and now works for a transportation planning company in San Francisco.

I did not enjoy having to give up an evening with Daniel, however. But, I will see him tomorrow evening, and then Sunday. :) (He called and wondered what he was going to do with all his free time...)

Here is a shot of Jeff enjoying a mojito at La Isla, a really tasty Puerto Rican restaurant in Ballard (my 'hood!):

Here is my ubiquitous "shot from my hand" picture of Jeff and me outside, near Archie McPhee's in Ballard (near a boat sales store):

Here are three Lab-looking dogs, that their owner obligingly posed for me!

And here is Jeff, posed out by some of the fishing boats in Ballard. He later had his hand out, and I made an obscure Star Trek reference comparing him to Zephram Cochran, but it took him a minute to get it (he is as much of a dork with Star Trek as I am :) ).

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