Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I bought my ticket to Hawaii for next week! As in, today is the 17th and I am flying there on the 22nd!

Yes, I'm crazy. In Love!!!....*buuuurn*. Daniel is helping me pay for the ticket; he doesn't really have to, but I appreciate it because they are PRICEY right now. Man!!!

I had to get out of the house today after work, so I took a trip to Fusion Beads. I spent a very enjoyable time poring over all their beads, without friends there anxiously awaiting your shopping completion. I *almost* bought two charms that mysteriously resembled 747's (well, they were airplanes with 4 engines. But you name how many other commercial airplanes have 4 engines. Two. The Antonov and the A380, that I know of...), but since I didn't have any immediate use for them, it seemed a little silly to pay $4.50 for each of them.

I did, however, buy supplies to make a big set of stitch markers. Something, I imagine, for either a sweater or a big lace project. I'll post a picture when I finish! Yay!

After the bead store, I went over to Weaving Works and milled around there for a while. I didn't even buy anything; I am so proud. :)

Then I went to Trader Joe's and stocked up on tasty foods - some prepped salads, avocados, refried beans, and I bought a 2 pack of their prepped, frozen oatmeal. Nom!

Now I'm home, relaxing and eyeing the bathtub.

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Piggilicious said...

Stitch markers!

I don't know why, but that makes me so excited. Maybe I should look into making them too!

//points indignantly


Hawaii sounds fun!