Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ravelry Problem

I was signing onto Ravelry tonight, to add a friend from Friday night's happy hour, when I got a disturbing note on what should have been my home screen:

Your account has been suspended.

The Ravelry people gave the following reason:
Your account has been suspended until further notice. Please direct inquiries to Craig at

Hmmm... I wonder what happened. I hope it was just a snafu, and not some weirdo trying to get me banned from there!! I definitely emailed the given address!!

Anyone else have this problem?


Piggilicious said...

I've been researching that on the interwebs... I was suspended too!

The results from the research sounds like rumors. I emailed the person on the notice, and hopefully he'll answer back.

Other than that, I started the Saorise shawl!

And awesome sauce on your sweater! You finished it just in time for the last breath of winter.

Kimberly said...

My account has been suspended, too. I don't think I have done anything wrong on my account. And I honestly don't think I have angered anyone on the site. So hopefully, it's just a glitch. I e-mailed the legal department as well.

Amy Detjen said...

I was banned erroneously too. I'm totally not a controversial poster, and did not help do anything to take down the site. It's so nice to see your blog with the voice of reason. Many other bloggers are attacking Ravelry as if they've been threatened! But you, like me, believe that there may have been an honest mistake.

I'm sure the legal guy will respond, but it may take a week or so. Until then, we must just knit and hold good thoughts.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting this! I, too, have been erroneously suspended from Ravelry. I am hoping everything gets sorted out soon! (I'm iwantamonkey on Ravelry.)

Mel said...

So Dawn (Piggilicious) said that there was some uber-controversial group discussion that got out of hand and a bunch of "bad IP" addresses were banned; so apparently if you were logging in from that group of IP addresses, you may be banned, too. I know it is an easy way for a webmaster to reasonably block a number of people. Hopefully they will figure out who the actual perps are!

And yes, there is no reason to get mad at Ravelry! If what Dawn saw online is true (about the IP addresses), then they are just protecting the majority by weeding out crazies.

Patience is a virtue, folks! Let's not forget that! I love my Rav, too, but obviously we all got along fine before it existed. :D

Piggilicious said...

Well then... wake me when it's time to panic. I'll have my pitchfork and faux New-England accent ready.

kimkat said...

I was blocked too, and I've only logged into Ravelry once!

amplifiedprojects said...

I was blocked too, though I got an email today saying that I was blocked in error and that they are trying to resolve the issue. I hope I can get back in soon, I just started an afghan I want to post pictures of.

FinallyHome4U Renovations and Consulting Inc. said...

You need to make Ravelry stand up and take notice. Copy whole threads and save them as ongoing documentation then slap Ravelry with a slander suit. Casey and Jess can't afford to fight what they will most likely lose but it will force them to deal with people who are really causing the trouble.