Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Short Stay in Hawaii

Flew out Sunday morning, returned on the red-eye flight Friday night (landed Saturday at 0600). But - good times were had!

I was really just glad to get to see Daniel. I also met his friend, Pete, who is also stationed at Yokosuka. And some really awesome sailors from the Australian Navy!

My pictures seem to have loaded backwards - here is a shot of me on Waikiki, on Friday before I flew home. (This is where I got a sunburn! Yow!!)

Here is a shot of the beach at the North Shore, where all those famous surfers come. Supposedly the waves further out can reach 40-60 ft! Crazy! We played in the waves closer to shore, and I got buffeted by Nature's Own neti pot. But my sinuses were clean after that!

And here is a shot of us, out at Duke's in Waikiki. This was one of the few nights in my life where I haven't paid for any food or drinks for myself. Between Daniel and the other guys, I had free drinks flowing all night. Lord! The boys got me a Blue Hawaii(an?) at Duke's, and I could only stomach half of it before the overt sweetness was grossing me out. (Daniel's holding a virgin something - he was driving that night).

I had a great time, except for, ya know, having a monster cold that left me coughing like an emphysema patient and sounding like Harvey Fierstein. And the fact that I worked Mon-Thurs while Daniel was at his planning conference... But other than that, I can't complain! :) It was 80 deg outside pretty much every day we were there, and Daniel managed to get me to the beach at least twice before he left, then I spent some time on Waikiki on Friday before I had to fly out.

I can't wait to go back...except I stipulated we both need to be on vacation, and we should hit a different island. :) Oahu is nice, but I think the other islands have better sand, etc.

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