Friday, March 13, 2009

Wisteria FO

"One Wisteria, coming up!"

On The Floor

On Me

I really enjoyed making my first sweater! (Sorry for the blurry photo of it on me. The camera was using the auto-timer, so I don't know what might have shaken it...)
Some notes:
- Malabrigo is awesome! Love it!
- I used far less yarn than anticipated, even though I made a size I hadn't originally planned on. I have about half a skein left after finishing the second sleeve, and I still have two skeins of Malabrigo in my stash, unused. Perhaps they will metamorphose into hats. This is positive, though - I now know I don't have to buy such a gargantuan quantity of yarn for things that aren't heavily cabled.
- I should have made the next size down. I made the 40.5" chest. While I think I actually may measure 40" around my chest (give or take, since my bra band is 36"), I should have taken into account that I enjoy tighter fitting garments (read: Negative Ease). I probably could have gotten away with the 37" chest size, although I may have had to use the 40.5" shoulder instructions (wide shoulders).
- I am very proud that this didn't take me a YEAR to finish!

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