Saturday, March 7, 2009

Snail Hat, Part Deux

It was snowing today in Seattle (and / or hailing and / or raining, depending on exactly where you were), so I decided to make a run for a second Snail Hat!

I bought a skein of Misti Alpaca Chunky on my way home from hanging out with Kris (and some Ashland Bay merino / silk roving, too...), and came home in the sleet / hail / snow mix to get down with some serious chunky knitting.

Mere hours later, here is the result:

Here it is, with the leftovers of the skein of Misti Alpaca Chunky (a very nice, soft yarn). I went up to a size 11 needle to get gauge, and even then I made it on the small side, but I like hats on the snug side.

And a picture of me, in the bathroom. I think I look a little like Jimbo from "The Simpsons" in this hat. When I showed it to Daniel on our Skype conversation tonight, he did a quick dead-on impression of Jimbo :) ...


Piggilicious said...

Hey! Your hair looks really nice in that picture!

Poor other snail hat. It's probably crying for you somewhere in the cold damp city.

Mel said...

I know; I mourn the O.S. (Original Snail)!! Ah well. It was too floppy anyway, although Daniel said he really liked it.... although I never asked what, exactly, he liked about it. Color? Yarn? The way it flopped on my head? I also mourn losing a perfectly good skein + of Rowan Big Wool!!! Bulky wool ain't cheap.

Thanks for the hair compliment; believe it or not, that's how my hair looks... as long as I brush it with a comb when it's wet to minimize yanking out knots. :)