Monday, March 16, 2009

Ravelry Problem, Part Deux

So it's Monday here on the Left Coast of Amerikuh, and I am assuming the Ravelry team all wanted their weekend, just like the rest of the EEUU. :) ("EEUU" is the acronym for "Estados Unidos", or "United States" in Spanish... just a little trivia there for your morning!)

I'm hoping they can start fixing their problem soon!

Thank you to all who posted comments on my blog; it was nice to see positive comments on here, instead of folks just blaming others for what could have potentially become a liability for Ravelry (I don't know how, exactly, but I'm sure someone, somewhere, would have sued over something.... people are crazy these days!)



On the uptick:

- I made a hat out of some handspun for my friend / pilates teacher's birthday yesterday. It is awesome how thick yarn and big hooks make for quick-o projects! I think it took me an HOUR to make this hat. I just made a chain to fit around my head, slip-stitched it together, and made single crochets up till the cylinder was long enough, then decreased in the round till I made a point on the hat! The yarn totally did all the work... LOVE LOVE LOVE. I may have to make another for myself!!!!

- I am about 50% done with my sister's Porom hat (by BrooklynTweed). I am using Blue Sky Alpacas "Melange" dk-weight yarn in "Cornflower". The pattern is super-easy, and looks like a sea urchin's shell, once you take all the spines out! :) (I remember this because my dad has a sea urchin shell that is about 6-8" in diameter that he used to have on display on his desk in his office in California when I was little. I used to love it because it was purple and green and very pretty).

- I also managed to knit several more rounds on my Hemlock Ring Blanket (another BrooklynTweed ...adaption). :) It's coming along really well! I am debating whether, or when, to switch to a longer cable for my needles (yaaay KnitPicks Options! I love you even if you untwist and get yarns caught in the gap all the time).


Onward! My knee hurts! Time for more pills!

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Piggilicious said...

Yea pills! I mean.. boo hiss.. we're all upstanding citizens here... no drugs for us! Go chew on some garlic roots.

Recently my philosophy is to just assume everyone who disagree with me is drunk. It solves my dilemma of dwelling too long on anything and saves me from stress!