Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aaron and Joanna's Wedding

I just wanted to post a few pictures here from the wedding we went to last Saturday.

Daniel's (former) shipmate Aaron (until somewhat recently, I knew him simply as "Cook"), and his fiance Joanna, were married at the chapel on the Bangor subase.

Here's a shot of the happy couple walking in to the reception hall on-base. I really liked her dress. :)

Here's a shot of Daniel and some of the other JO's on the San Fransisco... Daniel and the guy on the right apparently did not get the memo about showing up in the dress blues (sad, because I always love seeing him in uniform):

And here we are, in the chapel.

We were messing around, and he said that if we get married, he wants a sheet covering everything, and we're going to have everything in place and ready to go, so the sheet can just be dropped. I said we have to do it Spaceballs-style.

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