Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Knitting Pr0n

Have you seeeeeen this stuff? I feel it my duty as an enabler to link to this stuff:

- Twist Collective. It's a new online knitting magazine by Kate Gilbert (designer of the Bird in Hand mittens). She's got an A-List cast of designers in the magazine, too (HeLLO, Cookie A. and Norah Gaughan?!). This is a bit different in concept: the articles are free to read, but you pay for the patterns you want; this ensures that the pattern designers get paid fairly. Sounds good to me! I tried to hold out, but in the end I bought Wisteria and Bonnie. (The 8 skeins of Malabrigo worsted in "Cuarzo" are going to the Wisteria. Incidentally, I got an email today from WEBS Customer Service, letting me know that 6 of the skeins were of one dye lot, and 2 of another, so they could either send the mixed lots, or backorder and wait to send me all 8 skeins from the same dyelot. I really appreciated their informing me of that!)

- Blue Moon Fiber Arts just changed out their colors, and included several new lovelies as well as the holiday colors. Plus there are lots of guy-friendly colors. Gor-Geous! I want it all... There seems to be a lot of brown influencing the color choices this season; very interesting. PLUS they launched their Spirits line of yarns; these are the polar opposites to the Ravens - white yarn barely tinged with color. My credit card is lurching away from me as fast as it can... (seriously, though. I'm going to pay off the Malabrigo and probably do damage in September with a BMFA order, although this time I'll try to not make it arrive 2 days before OFFF).

- The Loopy Ewe is supposed to be refreshing their Lime&Violet yarn soon. Why? Because L&V just came out with this Intention Yarn. It's such a marketing ploy, but it's totally working on me, and I want some. The idea is that they hand-dye the yarn, and then they write a word on the skein (such as "LOVE" or "COURAGE", etc.) in dye. You know what the word is because you ordered that particular colorway, but it only shows itself as little occasional dots of color on the yarn. The dots of color are there to remind you to focus on that intention (!) whilst you knit - perfect for a gift for a loved one, or even something like a Prayer Shawl.

- Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival is COMING... I would like to go with Liz again, but since she hasn't answered my emails in several weeks, I am guessing I'll have to make a contingency plan? Maybe my friend Jen will want to go... :) My friend Kim was going to come up, but flights are expensive... Hopefully she and Aaron will move up to Portland and then I can just go stay there for the weekend and we can drive over to Clackamas! :)

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