Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fitness 8: What, Me Run?

Today was the first batch of this week's workouts at CF.

The workout started with Fran saying "Everyone take a run around the block!". She led.

I was second to last. BUT I beat the crazy Asian guy who looks like Takashi from "Revenge of the Nerds". He was huffing more than I was! :) (I feel smug in that I wasn't dead-last, in this class full of Firefighters, runners, and athletes).

So we got back in. Then we paired up and started doing dead-lifts. I paired up with Amy, the other girl in the class. We started with two sets of 5 deadlifts using the female bar (which is 35 lb) and 2 x 10 lb weights. So... 55 lb. Then after that, we upped the ante by adding 2 x 10 kg weights... (For those keeping score: 35 lb bar + 10 lb + 10 lb + 44 lb [20 kg] = 99 lb!!!). We did 5 or 6 sets of 5 deadlifts using that weight. RRRR!!! *Fighting Face*. The male trainer, Scott, looked at us approvingly when we added the extra weight onto the bar. I like Amy because she pushes me (and herself).

After that, we practiced rope climbing. This has been a moot point for me my entire life :) (and frankly, the only people I've ever seen climb ropes were either my sister or other gymnasts at Dave's), but luckily Fran gave us the practice of hanging onto a rope, jumping up and holding yourself, then bringing yourself down with control.

The main workout was: another run around the block, then 8 sets of 5 jump-presses with your choice of barbells (I chose 15 lb for each arm, till the last set when I wimped out and used 10 lb for each arm), plus 5 rope-jump-hold-let-yourself-down's. Once you finished that, you took one final run around the block.

Again... I was second to last to Mr. Takashi. I think it took me 16 or 17 minutes to do all that... *huff puff*.

An interesting difference was that the class was relatively huge today. There were maybe 8 or 9 people total in the class, when I am used to 4 or 5. A couple of firefighters came in (in dark blue uniform... *eye candy*), and most of the guys (including GUY!) were pretty fit...and again, I'm glad I'm not the biggest fatass in the class. :)

And now? I'm tired. I made myself half a lamb chop for dinner, along with a small bowl of watermelon, and I just had a 10 oz cup of chai (I know it's 10 oz because I measured the water :) ) with milk, and I'm SOOOO ready for bed!

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