Friday, August 15, 2008

Fitness 9: Callouses & The Park

Yesterday (Thurs) was the final session for the week at CF (for me, anyway).

Since Dave and Scott (another trainer) were installing some stuff in the gym, Fran told us to each grab two kettle bells and we headed outdoors for the park.

Warming up was a run around the park, then we did some kettle bell swings in a shaded concrete area. More running, push-ups on wooden bleachers, kettle bell cleans, pull-ups on the jungle gyms, and Fran showed the stronger people how to skin-the-cat on the bars. She also showed us how to pike up onto a lower bar (jump so your pubic bone hits the bar, basically, and then you can pike your body and force yourself away in what looks like a swing).

More running, and then we walked back to the gym. Fran wanted everyone to do walking lunges all the way back (about 4 blocks). I think I made it a block, maybe a block and a half, doing that. My knees aren't up to that yet, even though my kettle bells were only 8 kg each.

Something I haven't experienced in a long time (since actual gymnastics) was the feeling that my callouses at the bases of my fingers (from weight lifting or doing stuff like holding broomsticks, bars, etc.) wanted to rip off. I think part of the problem was that they were getting moist and soft (this is another good reason to use chalk on your hands), and they were actually white in the middles. Oh well. They are still kind of sore, but they are at least dried out now. I can't wait for my Man Hands (hah). Actually, I probably use too much lotion on my hands at work for that to fully occur. ( I have a pet peeve that soaps dry out my hands too much).

Onward! I am excited about this weekend. Daniel is coming to Seattle tomorrow morning, and I don't have pilates on Sunday, so we get to sleep in! :) It's sort of sad when you get older and really look forward to the prospect of sleeping in on a Sunday... :) (now, to get him to enjoy coffee... :) )

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