Saturday, August 2, 2008

FO's and WIP's and Progress, Oh My

May I present: Kris' Brunhilde hat! :) I'll get pics of her wearing it soon. (The best setup will be with Randy in his Viking hat, and they can battle it out with the Mexican sombrero as a shield, and the plastic battle axe as a defensive weapon).

Thursday night after Crossfit, I sat my butt down and cranked it out. Finished up the last two i-cord parts for the second braid, tied them off, sewed the braids in under the hem of the hat, and sewed on the wings. :)

I think it's awesome.

Item 2: To answer Dawn's question from a comment on a previous post, the green sock yarn is still here... I haven't used it yet! :) I'm getting there. They will be next after finishing up this pair of cashmere socks.
Item 3: I finished turning the heel on the cashmere socks this morning. I have had very little / bad sleep in the last week, and it's taking it's toll on me. I get up at 5:15 AM on weekdays, in order to get to work by 6 AM, out by 3 PM, into Crossfit 4-5 PM, and done after that. But then I am tired! Although I feel justified in lazing about after having attended CF...
It didn't help that this past weekend, I had awakened at 4 AM on both Friday and Sunday (ugh), and had plane travel (which sometimes includes sleep for me, but it's often not good-quality sleep, and my neck hurts afterwards *wah*). So couple that with not great sleep, I didn't get to see Daniel till Friday, and when I did see him, he was sleeping (work has not been kind recently, and he has gone into temporary shift work *sigh*). Then I caught the 11:40 PM ferry home on Friday night, got home at 1 AM, fell asleep, woke up at 6:30 AM to shower and get the 7:22 AM bus to Kris and Randy's this morning, which was fine except they didn't actually come get me at the coffee shop till 8:30 AM (I got an herbal iced tea and let the bag steep for the 30-40 min or so that I was passed out in one of the wing chairs in the coffee shop), and after I got home today I took two successive naps that totalled about 3 hours or so. I woke up to see the clock change to 8:55 PM.
Tomorrow I have pilates at 9 AM, then I am rushing to the ferry to see Daniel for a bit before he goes into work at swing shift. I might take the 3 PM ferry if I can, so I can have some time to get stuff ready for Monday (and do some dishes, laundry, clean the toilet, etc. All those glamorous things no one ever talks about but everyone is expected to have done).

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