Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pt Townsend Purchases

Daniel had more shift-work this weekend (boo), so I went camping with Igor & Tori.

We went to Fort Flagler, which is a place up near Port Townsend where we went last year. The most notable memory I have of the place is that the beach had biofluorescent bacteria that lit up when you stepped on the sand at night. The draw this year was to watch the meteor shower.

We got up there, and it turned cold, damp, and rainy. The sky was overcast, so there was really no viewing of the meteor shower. I was too tired to go down to the beach Friday night, but Tori and Igor said that the bacteria were nowhere to be seen.

Saturday we sort of gave up and went into Port Townsend for part of the day. Let me tell you, I think that was the highlight of the trip. :)

We walked around downtown, and both Igor and Tori graciously indulged me in my desire to hit up the LYS's in PT. In case you haven't been there, there are two of note: Diva Yarn & Trim, and the Twisted Ewe.

Diva has a really nice selection of yarn. I mean NICE. They carried ArtFibers beaded / sequined yarn, some bison yarn (like, a 30 yd skein! :) heehee), Dream in Color, Cherry Tree Hill's Possum Sock (which I was totally wanting, but their color selection didn't really do it for me... I'll wait till the Loopy Ewe has more colors in stock), and some nice rovings.

I ended up with three things from there. First off... I found the Louet bison / bamboo / merino / etc. blend roving. This is 1 oz of Buffalo Gold, people! I am going to spin this laceweight, for sure...

I also bought a 2 oz roving of merino and tussah silk, dyed in a pretty spring-lettuce green. AND my first artisan wooden drop spindle! It's a turned oak shaft, purpleheart and maple laminated on top in the ying-yang design, and a maple whorl. I HAD to get spinning, so I begged the Diva yarn woman for some leader yarn :) ... I spun some of the afternoon after returning to camp.

We also went to Twisted Ewe. They are another great shop. They sell Blue Moon Fiber Arts (I almost bought a skein of Silky STR, buuuut again... the colors weren't "me"), and Ozark Handspun, among other things. I love Ozark! They have some great art-yarn color combos in there... And the woman was really helpful and into spinning, although the only rovings they had were domestic (unidentified breed) dyed top. I have been on the hunt for a good silver Cormo or Merino or even a silver BFL fleece.... if you see one, please let me know! (I intend to find one at OFFF, by the way...)

And, I figured I should show pictures from the actual camping trip. :) Here is the campsite on Friday afternoon. I got there about 3-4 hours before anyone else did... I really should have gone into Pt. Townsend on my own, but I thought it was a farther drive than it was in reality.

Here is the beach at Ft. Flagler. This is where the bacteria were last year. I went up on the bluff and took a nap on a picnic bench for a while... it was really nice. There is a park up by the boat launch, and lots of people fly kites and play up there. In fact, so did we! :) Tori and I played a lot of Speedminton (think badminton without the net), and Igor flew a kite... which I also flew on Saturday. I love kite-flying - it's so basic, and yet such fun! :)

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Piggilicious said...

So are all these spinnings practice for when you spin gold? If you make enough, then the witch won't have to eat Daniel.