Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday, Lovely Sunday

I forget how awesome it is to get to sleep in... We finally got to experience that this morning - let me tell you, it's been a while since that happened! :) Although, for me "sleeping in" means I got up around 6:45 AM, looked at the clock, sat up, laid back down, got back up at 7:30 AM, went to the bathroom, took an allergy pill, put in eye drops, laid back down and finally arose at 8:40 AM, wherein I grabbed Ye Olde iPode and did a little knitting. This morning, I chose to work on my "Branching Out" scarf, this time in a silvery-gray Honey Lane Farms light worsted weight alpaca yarn. It's got kind of a halo. I'm hoping it will soften up some more after I wash it and block it.

I think Daniel finally woke up around 11. During this time, I also crawled back into bed for a little while and felt the fan wafting air over me and stared at the sun peeking through the bamboo blinds.

We lazed around for a little while, then we meandered off to the Farmer's Market. I got a quart of worm-compost tea, a couple of yellow peaches, some Saturn white peaches (the "donut" ones), and a Walla-Walla sweet onion the size of a softball. Daniel also got some white Saturn peaches, and then we stopped for lunch at the Hi-Life, aka the Firehouse grill. Then we came home and watched a DVD of a Discovery channel show my mom had taped for me. (I just visited the website; it's quite enthralling).

Have a gratuitous Tomato shot:

It's been a few days since that picture was taken, so the tomato has grown.

Yesterday, I did some gardening, basically trimming off yellowing leaves, deadheading, general cleaning up and tidying of the pots. I also cut off the remaining tomato flowers. I want the plant to stop trying to get pollinated and concentrate on ripening the tomatoes that are currently on it! I don't want 3 lb of fried green tomatoes to look forward to at the end of the season. :)


That's all I got for now! Tomorrow I have to go to work back in Renton, in a new building that is incredibly densified, at least by company standards. I can't wait to be closer than ever to smelly old engineers.

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