Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fitness 7: Wherein It Just Keeps Comin'

I struggled a tad today. I felt like the fat kid in P.E. class (aahhh distantly fading memories).

The other girl who makes the 4 PM class is, I think, a triathlete. The guy who came (who's name is, interestingly enough, "Guy") is already in darn good shape.

However, Let It Be Known that a) I completed my four repetitions of the circuit, b) I did darn well at throwing the medicine ball to Guy when it was time to do situps with the ball (you are in situp position, you get the ball thrown to you, catch it, and do a situp before throwing the ball back at the person standing in front of you...10 in front, 10 to each side so you twist back and forth), c) I wasn't that far behind the other two people.

Fran, the trainer, did alter one of the exercises for me, though. My knees are still in some pain after the wedding dancing almost 2 weeks ago. I guess this is a sign I'm getting older - it's taking longer for my body to repair itself. One of the circuit moves was to take two kettle bells and do a squat-walk across the gym and back (100 feet or so?). So she changed that for me to 15 squats after an initial clean with the kettle bell.

I also took some breaks today, but just small ones - maybe 30 seconds here and there - to catch my breath during stuff like situps or medicine-ball cleans.

One thing that I really like is that the class atmosphere attempts to make the warm up (at least) fun. We tossed medicine balls back and forth today in different ways. :)

I think I generally have a good attitude about this, but it still feels like Fran is pandering to my ego instead of really complimenting me. I know that's not the case, because Dave (my old gymnastics coach) used to rely heavily on positive reinforcement, but it is frustrating when exercises still hurt and I'm gritting my teeth through some of it and I really do want to catch up but am losing my breath.

If I keep it all in perspective, though....

- In 2005, I considered a quasi-hilly 6 mile bike ride "hard". (This was in Baltimore, land of No Bike Lanes)

- I now know I won't die on a 25 mile bike ride... in fact, I'll recover pretty quickly. I know a road bike would suit me better, but I can make a purchase any time.

- My only social activities in Maryland involved eating or drinking. Now they are usually centered around something active, whether it's pilates, kayaking, hiking, camping.. Yes, eating and drinking are a large part of these activities, but it is not the Main Event (usually).


Kelsey said...

Wow. I want to do what you are doing. How'd you get into the class? Sounds super hard and super fun.

Kelsey said...

Whoa, I just read down a bit and saw you're doing Crossfit. That's so cool they have a gym in your area! I've read about Crossfit online and would Love to do it, but it seems too hard without formal training... That is so so cool.

Mel said...

Kelsey: I HIGHLY recommend you check out Crossfit. Check out my new post...