Friday, August 15, 2008

WIP Update

It looks like I've had a few minutes here and there. That is the beauty about knitting. It hangs out on it's needles, waiting patiently in a bag till you can whip it out for a little while to hang out with it.

A pair of Fetching mitts in creation. I'm using Noro Silk Garden worsted weight for them. The funny thing is that they may coordinate in the end, but they won't match. I rewound the skein into a ball, and there are no color repeats in this skein.

I frogged my Branching Out scarf done in Sea Silk. I decided to use a skein of Honey Lane grey alpaca worsted to see how the Branching Out scarf does in that...

Next up is the BSJ for my friend Leslie's baby, which is supposedly due any day now. She said the doctor estimated her baby would be less than 7 lb, so I feel better in case my jacket is on the small side. I actually had to undo a couple of rows today; I had not read EZ's directions well enough the first time to see where a large amount of increases were going. It's all better now, though. The yarn is Fleece Artist Sea Wool. (The gold crocheted bag was made by my mom many moons ago - purtyful, ain't it?!)

The other knitting WIP I have going on is my pair of cashmere Daydreamer socks from Zen Yarn Garden. They are s-o-f-t, let me tell you. (Interesting... when I went into Ravelry to get the link for the pattern, I was one of only three people making this pattern... and one person was the designer!)

Finally...some more spinning on the Dog's Paw Shawl from my Ravelry friend, Spinning Spider Jenny... The flash blinded out the definition of the laceweight singles on the bobbin (this is my Majacraft Susie wheel), but it's gorgeous and thin and soft. And it makes me sneeze, so I can't spin (or blend the fibers on the drumcarder) for very long before it gets to me and I have to do something else.

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