Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CrossFit: Angie Smokes Crack

Sweet Gentle Jeezus, today's workout was hard!

Fran stole the workout from the 6AM class' trainer.

Workout: "Angie Smokes Crack" (a variation on "Angie"), for time

- 100 calorie rowing (or 6 min., whichever comes first. I did 57 calories in 6 min. The in-shape guy next to me did 100 calories in 5:20 or so... it is HARD.)

- 100 kettlebell swings (used 12 kg KB)

- 100 wall-ball (used 6 lb ball)

- 100 box-jumps (used box that was ~16" off the floor; stepped up because my knee still hurts a tad)

My Time: 21:10

Incidentally, this is the first workout that I've finished FIRST! There were three of us. The guy took the longest, because he used the 15 lb ball, and also I am pretty sure he was using a 20 kg KB...and his box was higher. The other girl used the same weights as me, but she was jumping onto a higher box.

It was still fun to finish first. ;)

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