Monday, October 20, 2008

My Kind of Jewelry

I am one weird woman.

I have such eclectic tastes, that I love both tension-set, modernist jewelry, and vintage curliques in bronze... (I bought this book recently...)

I love things like aircraft-grade titanium rings.

Stainless steel watches.

Niessing steel rings.

But I also love opulent things like this Tiffany $350,000 necklace. (OK, so it's a necklace that would cost almost as much as a house in Seattle. Leave me alone. I'm dreaming!) :)

Or fun vintage jewelry.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is this place called You & I in Manhattan (I think this website is the same company) where I stocked up on colorful, cheap (cheap!!) costume jewelry.

That leads me to a whole discussion of wanting to live in Manhattan, but the problem there is I'd be broke because I'd constantly be needing new walking shoes since I would be shopping all day long...


Piggilicious said...

Wow! That Tiffany necklace looks gorgeous! Makes me want it too. Looks like Joey will have to start turning tricks.

I like the green set on that vintage set, it's very pretty!

We should go to an antique store sometime! They usually have an assortment of ... junk and stuff that actually looks decent. I like to go there not only for cat figurines, but also project ideas for crocheting. Though, the stores always make me sneeze.

Mel said...

Sounds good to me. Sometimes I see neat vintage Pyrex or teapots that I think would be useful, although I buy very little stuff from those places. My family has an amazing assortment of vintage jewelry (and I would have had shoes, too, if my sister had thought more before throwing away hundreds of pairs of my grandma's shoes from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s....of course this was in the 80s...).