Monday, October 13, 2008

DIY Flowers

I was walking around the farmer's market on Sunday, waiting for Daniel to finish getting his hair cut, and I came across the cutest autumn flower arrangements: Flowers in little pumpkins!

I did not have cash on me (probably a good thing), so I didn't have the $10 or so that these arrangements were commanding. However, later in the day, I went to Trader Joe's to stock up on normal groceries, and decided that I could make one with Trader Joe's supplies.

I found a bunch of sunflowers for $6, and a sugar pumpkin for $2. So altogether, I spent a little over $8 on this... and had to do the labor of prepping the pumpkin and flowers...which is entirely fine with me!

Step 1: Cut the top off your pumpkin, and scrape it out really well.

I saved my seeds and intend to roast them tomorrow when I get home from Crossfit. (Notice the orange plastic bowl: that is my food waste, going to the food waste bin! :) )

Step 2: Cut your flowers down to size.

You want the stems to be short enough so that the flowers don't stick really far out of the pumpkin.

Step 3: Add some water to pumpkin (about halfway up).

I added a few drops of bleach to help keep the water from stankin' up the joint in two days. Then add your flowers! If you added bleach to the water, either be sure you aren't going to drip water somewhere, or arrange your stuff in the safe and don't bleach your clothes / kitchen towels!

Step 4: Admire your ingenuity at blatantly copying something from a local business!

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